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Understanding and Healing Our Triggers for Healthier Relating

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Many of us are blessed to not live in fear for our lives on the daily, but we still have the same nervous systems designed to preserve our lives when faced with a predator.

Now the “predator” is our spouse, child, employer, person who cut us off in traffic, ourselves. The same, ancient flight/fight/freeze/fawn response occurs when we perceive an emotional threat.

Did someone just criticize you?

If you perceive this as a threat, your primal nervous system will kick into gear raising your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, cortisol and adrenalin levels, readying you to “attack” them back, walk out, emotionally shut down, or abandon your own needs in an effort to appease the person.

Understanding this and developing awareness of what things trigger this response in us are the first steps in developing harmony with our nervous systems. We can make a conscious choice how we respond to perceptions of attack.

Holistic Communication coaching supports this journey toward nervous system harmony. Imagine a world evolving from choiceless reactivity to empowered responsiveness! It is my honor to support you on this journey.

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