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My Journey

My introduction to holistic health began THIRTY YEARS AGO (holy cow!) when, as a stressed-out, adrenal-exhausted Freshman at Florida State University, I drove home to Atlanta on a Friday to chill with my sister, Cici, for the weekend. In addition to the natural adjustments of leaving home and managing life on my own, I was struggling with hormonal disregulation from birth control pills resulting in mood swings, significant weight gain, and body image issues before I'd even had the chance to put on the "freshman fifteen."

Cici co-owned Natural Body Spa & Shop, a day spa in Atlanta that has since blossomed into 11 locations across the Southeast (Go Sister!), and had access to all kinds of yummy, natural bath salts and candles which she used to make the most delicious, relaxing, aromatherapeutic bath experience for me. Cue Enya soundtrack. ;)  I had a wonderful night’s sleep and the next day received a Hawaiian Acupressure massage that literally took me OUT OF MY BODY. I had never heard of or experienced anything of the sort and I was totally tripping-sans drugs!

On Sunday we attended the Church of Religious Science a.k.a. Science of Mind, where I laughed longer and harder than I ever had before and maybe have since. Ah, laughter as medicine...Afterwards, I bought a book in the lobby called The Only Diet There Is by Sondra Ray, which espoused dieting from negative thoughts and feasting on affirmations, another mind-blowing concept to me.


I returned to campus hopeful, excited, and empowered with the notion that I had the ability to play an active role in my mental, physical, and spiritual wellness rather than relying solely upon doctors to "fix" or "heal" me. My journey had begun.

My path has taken me through extensive mind-body study, nutritional healing via supplementation, fasting, cleanses and dietary experimentation, energy and bodywork apprenticeship, massage school certification, licensure and career, Hot Yoga instruction, a Holistic Health degree, Compassionate Communication coaching and training, blogging, public speaking, Professional Coach Certification, singing, banjo playing, and of course, waiting tables. ;) 

When Nonviolent Communication literally saved my marriage, I HAD to share my journey with others, even though I was very anxious about speaking in front of large audiences. I would cleanse, prepare, Tap (Emotional Freedom Technique), and affirm that the message is what mattered, not what people thought of me. Interest was organic and I began holding classes ranging from one-hour to a semester-long series. Everyone was moved by the work of learning to claim responsibility for their emotions and get in touch with their owns needs and the needs of those they loved.


I began getting requests to mediate business and local government conflicts that I knew I were outside my scope of training. It was important to me that I learn the ethics of working with tender, powerful emotions and crucial relationships. I acquired a Professional Coaching Certification so I could “first do no harm.”  I played with life coaching for awhile, but knew what I most wanted to do was help people compassionately connect with themselves and others through good times and bad. 

Auspiciously for me, my husband landed a job that brought us to Asheville, North Carolina, where some of the most amazing teachers of NVC and other communication techniques and approaches reside. I have been blessed in their mentorship, learned beautiful, crucial skills, and developed a strong sense of what I bring to this work that is unique to me. I believe the more people facilitating the spread of this work, the better and that we learn different facets of connection through each teacher with whom we explore.

While I have continued to speak, hold classes, facilitate conference workshops and the like, I have always fallen back on massage therapy as my "main gig," even while knowing Communication Coaching was my calling. Witnessing the radical division happening on our planet, it has become clear to me that it is time to come out from under the radar and make my gifts available to more people. Raising my lovely children has been THE most esteemed work of my life. Now that I am seeing them thrive and my cup running over-Yay!-l am thrilled and relieved to be stepping fully into my Highest Purpose. 

My approach is holistic because I believe we learn best integrating mind, body, and spirit. There will be beauty, joy, challenge, growth, learning, movement. The coaching relationship I use is a power-with, as opposed to a power-over, model. YOU are the expert on you. I offer one-on-one, couple and group sessions, business consultation, speaking engagements, classes and trainings custom-tailored to fit the needs. 

I have been preparing my entire life for this work and I am so inspired to do my part in helping guide myself, my fellow humans, and the planet back to health. I trust that with focus, love, and support, we WILL get there!

Please reach out for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss how Holistic Communication Coaching can make your life and the lives of those you touch more wonderful.

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